Zodiac Milpro Ribs & Inflatables Are Unbeatable In Design, Structure & Performance

Zodiac Inflatables

Since 1896, Zodiac has been designing innovative products in the Military and Professional field for “those who work on the water”. Zodiac has originated most of the major concepts that have driven the development of the modern inflatable boat since the 1930’s. Since those early days, Zodiac has become the main manufacturer of inflatable and semi-rigid boats for Professional and Military applications. MILPRO is proud to continuously develop a product range that features a variety of advanced craft designed specifically for the most demanding military and naval applications. Zodiac Milpro boats are always built to provide the highest standards of performance, handling and user comfort through advanced hull design, deck layout and are a demonstration of the company’s detailed understanding of the specialised technology and the needs of its customers.



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