Teaching cruising & racing with the all-in-one Topaz Omega!

Topper Omega Sailing

If you are looking for a modern sailboat or a worthy learning boat then look no further than the Topaz OMEGA. With a lower purchase price and less maintenance, it already sounds heaven sent for sailing schools and holiday companies. It sails perfectly and comes ready to go with all the right kit. The OMEGA hits the multipurpose teaching, cruising and racing market on the nail. It’s not only the schools who rate the TOPAZ OMEGA. This is what the yachting experts think: So can a polyethylene boat compete against its GRP sisters? YOU BET IT CAN, IT IS JUST AS GOOD TO SAIL, AND MUCH CHEAPER. Its price and its longevity is a big advantage. The Topaz Omega’s ability to carry a four man crew comfortably is another big plus for teaching, while its good performance, its gennaker, and its trapeze option will allow pupils at sailing schools to use it for more advanced classes, as well as just for starting to sail. For private buyers its flexibility is impressive, and while it could cruise and motor comfortably under outboard, you could happily race it too! The Topaz Omega is a resounding hit and if you are thinking about a family boat, or a boat to buy for your club or sailing school the Omega should be well up the list.



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