Get set for lighthouse tourist destinations in India, Mumbai to have the first!

Kanhoji Angre Lighthouse

The Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Shipping have jointly started to develop three lighthouses that they have identified into tourist destinations — Kanhoji Angre in Mumbai, the Dolphin’s Nose in Vishakhapatnam and Mahabalipuram lighthouse about 40 km south of Chennai. The first to be launched would be, of course, the one in Mumbai! […]

Sailing Destination – Jaigarh

Jaigarh harbour is situated approx 42 nautical miles south of Bankot. Visit the lighthouse which is really unique. It is so old that there is no electric supply up to the source of the light in the tower. To put matters simply, the lighthouse is just like huge kerosene stove with a pump to match. […]

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