Sailing Destination – Jaigarh

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Jaigarh harbour is situated approx 42 nautical miles south of Bankot. Visit the lighthouse which is really unique. It is so old that there is no electric supply up to the source of the light in the tower. To put matters simply, the lighthouse is just like huge kerosene stove with a pump to match. Every evening the “lighthouse keepers” pump the kerosene to pressurise it in its tank and then slowly release it to the mantle at the top behind the huge array of lenses for the light to shine. The lenses turn by a clockwork arrangement that has to be wound regularly throughout the night for it to turn around the mantle and cast its beam out to sea.

Another quaint journey would be to take a slow cruise up the Shastri River to the town of Sangameshwar. A short ride away is the very popular resort at Ganpatipule. People come here not only to enjoy the sea, but also to pray at the temple of Ganesha, which is located inside a hill.



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