Meet the latest from Pershing yachts: The stunning new Pershing 62

Pershing 62 Yacht in India

Pershing 62 is a unique fast and elegant yacht perfectly embodying the DNA of the brand. This stunning yacht is a perfect blend of style comfort, functionality and safety. The Pershing 62 brings with it ZF SeaRex drives that create sublime performance,with its automatic trim system she planes effortlessly and at speed, she performs like a true deep-V, cutting through the 2- to 3-foot waves like a finely sharpened knife. It also very niftily accommodates a tender garage with a swim platform that drops to create a perfect slipway. Pershing 62 allows the owner to spend his time on board in absolute comfort. Also eye catching is the ingenious salon door and window, the window retracts and then the sliding door moves to the centerline and also drops down, so you get unimpeded access to the open cockpit. “Pershing 62 is a natural progression from the very popular Pershing 58, which the enclosed saloon we will definitely have a lot of interest in India. Pershing is sexy, aggressive, alluring and very much every man’s dream” says Gautama Dutta.



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