The 2013 New Edition of Pershing 108: Simply Stunning!

Pershing 108 yacht

Customizable layout, innovative technology and exclusive design are the three “engines” that drive luxury yacht Pershing 108′, a prestigious 32.90 meter maxi vessel ready to show off its style. Exclusive versatility, elegance and performance are the strengths of this boat which takes environmental impact into consideration: in fact, the engine is for the first time divided into three, with the objective of ensuring a high level of performance without neglecting the reduction in fuel consumption. Thanks to its three surface propellers Pershing 108′ yacht reaches a top speed of more than 42 knots with great silence, which makes it possible to have a unique and rare atmosphere onboard. However, it is customization that Pershing 108′ yacht excels in: every little detail of this boat has been designed to meet the clients’ needs, making them the real “architects” of their own yacht, thanks to the innovative layout that offers more and more varied spaces that can be adapted to the various on board situations. From this perspective, the number 1 model of Pershing 108′ has a completely customizable below deck layout, including a spacious VIP cabin at the bow, a guest cabin, a TV or family room and a full beam master cabin amidships. It is worth mentioning the interior design that bears the best Made in Italy brands: in fact, the elegance of the interiors is taken care of down to the least detail thanks to exceptional long-standing partners such as Poltrona Frau and Ernestomeda, besides the prestigious stylistic innovations chosen by the Owner of the first hull of Pershing 108′, that has chosen Fendi Casa – Club House Italia and Armani Casa solutions.



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