The unstoppable Riva 88 Miami Superyacht!

Riva 88 Miami Super Yacht

The new Riva 88 Miami yacht undoubtedly represents one of the biggest open top powerboats ever, as well as the first fully convertible powerboat to have a power opening roof. The superb Riva 88 Miami superyacht is expected to make her debut in February 2015. It’s quite a show stopper! Owning a Riva puts you in one of the most exclusive clubs in the boating world. The sight of the convertible hardtop on the 88 Miami superyacht lifting off and swinging into its storage recess on the foredeck, will surely leave onlookers open-mouthed. With the roof down, motor yacht Riva 88 Miami is the biggest, coolest and most awesome open powerboat the world has ever seen. The fact that it’s also a Riva makes it untouchable. With 40ft of foredeck in front of you and almost 40ft of open cockpit behind you, taking the helm of the 88 Miami is like driving a giant sports boat. But for those with broader cruising ambitions, with four en suite cabins, she is the same serious motor yacht below decks as the hardtop 86 Domino yacht from which she’s derived.



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