Riva 170th Anniversary Celebrations

Riva 170 anniversary celebrations

With the celebration of the 90th birthday of Mr. Carlo Riva this year, starts a long period of important events for Riva, a brand of the Ferretti Group. The celebrations begin with the 50th anniversary of the Aquarama and the 170th anniversary of the brand. Monaco Boat Service is hosting this year the exclusive Riva Trophy in which Riva owners will participate in a race from Monte Carlo to St Tropez for the Riva’s 170th Anniversary celebrations. In this highly anticipated event there will be a breathtaking range of vintage and new Riva’s boats. It also includes the parade of the Aquarama 50th anniversary. Riva, iconic Ferretti Group brand, also announces the birth of the new flagship of their open line, featuring racy exteriors with a strong personality: Riva 63′ Virtus, is the largest open yacht produced by the shipyard, characterised by an unmistakable style and a distinctly Mediterranean character.

170th Anniversary Event & 63′ Virtus Presentation Launch – 29-30 June, St Tropez
Sea trials on Virtus on the morning of the 30th



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