Marine Solutions is the official authorized Prestige Yachts dealer in India. We have sales offices in Mumbai, Goa and Kolkata.

Launched over 20 years ago, the Prestige range of motor yachts immediately found its audience. Passionate and demanding, Prestige owners sought to realize their lifelong dreams aboard an exceptional, refined motor yacht that was built to last.

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The brand’s success was founded on a few simple concepts: all living spaces on one level, 360° panoramic views, an independent owner’s suite…. The art of Prestige was in combining these concepts in just the right way.

Prestige 420 S

Prestige 420 S

Prestige 450 S

Prestige 450 S

Prestige 500 S

Prestige 500 S

Prestige 550 S

Prestige 550 S

Prestige 420

Prestige 420 Flybridge

Prestige 450

Prestige 450 Flybridge

Prestige 500

Prestige 500 Flybridge

Prestige 550

Prestige 550 Flybridge

Prestige 620 S

Prestige Yachts 620 S

Prestige 620

Prestige Yachts 620

Prestige 680

Prestige 680 Yacht

Prestige 680 S

Prestige 680 S Yacht

Prestige 750

Prestige Yachts 750