The Largest Planing Recreational Boat Ever Built By Ferretti Yachts Is Born

Ferretti Yachts 960 launch

Ferretti Yachts presents Ferretti 960, the largest planing pleasure boat ever designed and built by the Groups historical brand. Registered as a CE craft below 24 metres in length, this new yacht develops further the design philosophy embraced by the brand over the last few years, maximising its concepts and contents with the aim of achieving an unprecedented product in its category. This is the core philosophy behind this new flagship, entirely built at Ferretti Groups Cattolica shipyard. The Ferrretti 960 is yet another outstanding result of the close cooperation between Studio Zuccon International Project, which designs FerrettiYachtss entire range, AYTD Advanced Yacht Technology & Design, and Ferretti Groups team of engineers, architects and designers. This new yacht preserves the hull design and waterlines of the previous flagship, the Ferretti 881 – one of the most successful models for the brand -, while developing it further, thereby becoming the latter’s legitimate heir.



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