Join us this summer for the best and biggest boat shows in Europe!

Boat Shows in Europe in 2014

It’s that time of the year when you want to start planning your visit to the boat shows in Europe to check out the world’s best brands and premiering yacht models! Get a dose of the exhilarating yachting lifestyle at the up-coming Cannes (9-14 Sep.), Monaco (24-27 Sep.) & Genoa (1-6 Oct.) Boat shows. Boat shows are a great occasion to book your appointment and sea trial the yacht of your dreams. It gives you the opportunity to scan the market for the best deals. Also an occasion of entertainment for the whole family, a visit to international boat shows make for an exciting holiday, especially with the perfect weather and surroundings of summer in Europe. A must if you are looking to buy a yacht or even if you are just looking! Plan your visit with us. So give us a call today and sit back and relax as we plan your itinerary. For further information get in touch to discover the best of boating with us!



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