The Jeanneau Dealers Meet

Jeanneau dealers meet

Anju and Gautama Dutta attended the Jeanneau Dealer meet which was held in Rome. After recording a stunning 15% growth in 2009-2010, Jeanneau proudly introduces new models in the motor boat and speed boat categories. The new Sun Odyssey 409 has already received the prestigious nomination to the 2010/2011 European Yacht of the Year. This nomination comes from the major European magazines from 11 different countries. Some of the new models that will be introduced are as follows:

In 2011, the Cap Camarat range is adding major innovations such as the Cap Camarat 8.5 WA, the new ‘flag ship’ of the range, and the Cap Camarat 7.5 WA, which is closely inspired by it, and the completely new “fishing” style developed for the new Cap Camarat 7.5 CC. Jeanneau will be innovating once again with the launch of a new model with a strong character, an assertive image and with a multi-purpose design: the Merry Fisher 6 Marlin.

“Apartment with terrace and sea view”. This new concept takes in the latest innovations from the Jeanneau research department (in collaboration with the ideas of the arroni and Premorel office) for a new way of organising space and a new approach to life on board. With an elegant shape and contemporary design, the NC 11 offers primarily a new vision of the family boat, both reassuring and very up-to-date.

For 20 years, Prestige has gradually established itself as a benchmark in the leisure boating world that
cannot be ignored. A true success born out of a vision – to create a brand of motor yachts combining excellent sea keeping qualities with clever accommodation. To become a benchmark in its market, the Prestige 350 is very innovative, becoming the first flybridge model powered by stern drive. It takes on the new Prestige style, stemming from the famous Prestige 60, and makes its cruising role comfortable by offering the same standard of comfort as all the Prestige The stern drive engine: On this size of boat, the stern drive engine, which performs so well (+ 30% in comparison with shaft drive), offers an incomparable output. It makes therefore perfect sense to offer the best performing engine (and therefore the most economical for a given speed) on the latest Prestige. In addition, the way in which the use of this type and size of cruising boat has developed increases pressure to be able to sail where one wants in very shallow water. This fits in perfectly with stern drive transmission.

Stay tuned in as we talk about the new models launched in our latter articles.



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