Fountaine Pajot make the best boats for summer cruising!

Fountaine Pajot Victoria 67

Spend your summer vacation on an international yacht charter on a Fountaine Pajot anywhere in the world for they make the best boats if you are looking at fun and adventure along with safety and tranquility. With impeccable hull lines, exceptional long range and a light-filled and comfortable interior, Fountaine Pajot offers an indisputable reference for cruising catamarans, with the very latest technology to ensure ease of maneuverability, minimal fuel consumption and increased levels of comfort in operation. Attractive, seaworthy and designed for life at sea, Fountaine Pajot Catamarans carry you safely and steadily over the waves. With its unrivaled reputation for building sail and power catamarans that feature innovative design, superior handling, exceptional seaworthiness and cruising comfort Fountaine Pajot is the world leader in sail and power cruising catamarans. They make perfect boats if you want to go cruising with your family and friends for a week in the summer. The catamarans are extremely safe for children on-board as well. Explore the full range with us and discover what makes catamarans the best in comfort cruising. For information on international charter packages mail us at Contact us today!



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