Ferretti Group Inaugurates Easea Show

Easea Show

The Permanent Display of Group Yachts at Marina Nuova in Cattolica!

– First signs of a recovery of the international nautical market and orders for the yachts of all Group brands during the first few months of 2010
– New Ferretti 800, the very latest model developed by the Group’s historical brand, presented as a world premire

“Easea show” is a permanent boat show, displaying the most important yachts of all Ferretti’s prestigious brands, a truly exclusive, personalised showcase of the Group’s fleet. The display, part of the larger “Easea yachting” services project which commenced at the beginning of 2009, will be an out and out private, permanent boat show. It will enable even the Group’s busiest Clients to visit the yachts any day of the year, and carry out sea trials in total privacy and a relaxed environment. “Easea show” thus responds to the requirements of the Group’s most demanding owners who, by booking through the reference dealer or broker for their area, can visit the yachts and try them out at sea privately, accompanied by a dedicated, highly specialised staff, thus doing away with the inconvenience caused by crowding at boat shows. Hence, the display offers Group Clients the privilege of being involved in a unique, tailor-made experience, one which has never before existed on the world nautical scene. Moreover, the “Easea show” project avails itself of important partners par excellence, both locally and nationally, in order to make owners’ visits even more special.

A balance of the most important results achieved during the first seven months of the 2009-2010 nautical years was presented during the course of the inaugural press conference. Although the macroeconomic context is still uncertain, during this period the Ferretti Group has registered the first signs of a recovery. From 1st September 2009 to 31st March 2010, the Group collected around double the orders compared to the same period of the previous year. Moreover, as of today, the Group’s backlog covers around 85% of the budget set for this nautical year. During the course of the meeting a world premiere, the new Ferretti 800, was presented to confirm the new re-launch phase. This yacht is the very latest model to be designed and produced by Ferretti Yachts, the Group’s historical brand, which operates within the sphere of the production of flybridge motor yachts measuring 14 to 27 metres in length. Said yacht has generous interior spaces and a layout usually found on larger yachts, combined with a winning external line, enriched by the use of colour, where large windows are a characterising feature of the external design, guaranteeing exceptional interior lighting.

“This inauguration has come after a long year, which has been complex for both the nautical sector and for our Group,” declared Norberto Ferretti, Ferretti Group Chairman. “We are confident for 2010, as we have registered the first positive signs since February. They are also confirmed by the excellent reaction our yachts enjoyed at the last few boat shows, amongst which Miami, and by the orders we have gathered over the past few months, a period which is traditionally less active for the nautical sector. The market is now beginning to move, however, and we have orders for all the brands in our Group, especially for those between 50 and 100 feet”.



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