EXPERT SPEAK: Mr. Gautama Dutta

Director, Marine Solutions

What does sailing mean to you?
Mention sailing and the word instantly brings to my mind the sheer excitement of going out and spending a few hours on a boat. My entire life has revolved around sailing including my current work and my family life. I grew up in a family that was mad about sailing and even today my wife and sons are planning their calendar around sailing events.

How would you encourage sailing?
Do what I can to get more Indians out to enjoy an experience on water. Spread the good word.

Which are the boats that you have sailed?
The earliest sailing recollections I have is aboard a locally built Moth with my father on the Hussain Sagar Lake in Secunderabad. I have thereafter sailed the CBK Class (Indian design), OK Dinghy Class, Enterprise Class, Laser, Laser Radial, Hobie 16, Bombay Harbour Sea Bird, Lightening, 420, Fireball amongst others. I have also won National medals in the Laser, Laser Radial, OK Dinghy, Sea Bird, Lightening, Enterprise and Hobie 16 class.

Which is the boat you would like to own in the near future?
A Lagoon 500 catamaran. I’d like a nice comfortable cruising boat to sail to destinations like the Maldives with the family.

What has been your most challenging sailing experience?
Sailing off the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean in Mar 1988 when we were stuck by severe storm that damaged our yacht. We were rescued by the Venezuelan navy after a battering.

What would you recommend to a first time buyer with no experience in sailing?
(a) Join a sailing club and learn sailing.
(b) Buy a boat that is a known make with
reliable sales and service support in India.

How has sailing developed in the past 10 years in India?
There has been noticeable increase in people sailing across the country. The Armed Forces particularly have now encouraged personnel other than officers to take to the sport.

What is the future of sailing in India?
Future is good. After a decline since the British left, sailing as a sport has started to revive. India has a fine coastline and large reservoirs and with growing prosperity will come demand for activities like sailing.

What is the interest level in sailboats compared to motorboats?
Motorboats still command a larger market share, although sailing as a sport evinces greater interest.

Final words…
More sailing schools, more sailing clubs, more events, more government support, more sponsorship, more media, more everything that can make sailing happen…

Gautama Dutta is India’s prominent yachtsman, national champion, Asian medallist, current world record holder for sailing at the highest altitude, trans-ocean navigator and Director of Marine Solutions India’s premier yacht sales and Service Company.

Marine Solutions is the first professionally managed company dedicated to the leisure boating industry in India. The company exclusively represents premier international brands in every category of the boating business in India. Concerns include the elegant Italian models from Ferretti Yachts, Custom Line, Mochi Craft, Bertram and Pershing of the Ferretti Group, Jeanneau sail and motor yachts from France, the iconic American Sea Ray™ sports boats and sports cruisers, Kawasaki’s Jetski™ personal water crafts, the complete range of leisure and Milpro inflatable boats of the world famous Zodiac name, Sunstream boatlifts and marine propulsion options and commercial boats from Mercury Marine.



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