CRN Launches 60 Meter Super Yacht: A New Wonder!

CRN 60 meter yacht

CRN celebrated the completion of the seventh pleasure ship of 60 metres produced since 2005. LambertoTacoli, Chairman of CRN S.p.A. and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of the Ferretti Group, spoke about the future plans of the shipyard: “CRN intends to continue its policy of maximum attention to detail, productivity, flexibility and customer care. I would like to thank all the workers once again and our team who have enabled us to realise this new target. Now we are looking to the future: the shipyard is in full production. We have another six ships under construction and the next deliveries should take place within the next few months”. At the moment the CRN is constructing eight super yachts with the CRN brand: five steel and aluminium ships (CRN 129 80 meters, CRN 125 58 meters, CRN 130 60 meters, 133 60 metres and CRN 128 60 metres at the quay to be delivered in spring) and three composite mega yachts (two 43 meter displacement Navette and a 40 meter semi-planing CRN 128′). The new vessel can accommodate 12 guests in 5 guest cabins, the master cabin and 14 crew members. The yacht is equipped with two Caterpillar 3512B-C engines that allow a cruising speed of 14 knots and a maximum speed of 15 knots.



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