Catch the New Pershing 108 at the Easea Show

Pershing 108

Block your dates for the presentation of the new Pershing 108 which is going to take place at the EASEA>SHOW in Cattolica on the 7th May 2011. The Pershing 108 and sea trials with P108 will be presented with the other available models of the Pershing fleet in Cattolica, with a gala dinner to conclude the event. Summer is coming and we are working hard to complete and deliver many Pershing boats. The Pershing fleet will be on the water and sea-triable for you and your prospects, available in Fano!

Pershing 50.1-1 ( to be sold – please note that from 25th march to 15th April she will be moved and exhibited at Catania boat show)

Pershing 58-3 (to be sold)
Pershing 64 (rolling hulls depending on deliveries)
Pershing 72 (rolling hulls depending on deliveries)
Pershing 80-16 (to be sold)
Pershing 92-2 (to be sold)
Pershing 108-1 (trials depend on delivery process)
Pershing 115-9 (visits upon owner approval)



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